About this work, I can only say...

I am compelled by the "Matter" of physical materials as means to make specific, in visual language, far reaching associations related to life, time and process. These eroded surfaces become a synthesis of layers of experience. My concepts of relics, traces, markings, and scripts forming collective history... obscure lettering representing all that was ever written.

Ancient cultures have always been of great interest to me and my efforts to probe and penetrate unknown terrain have led me to take up residence in some foreign places of consciousness. All of this, somehow, fragments of the journey through the earth's deeply scarred crust. All human experience beginning and ending...dust to dust...

Juliet Holland    New York City

Secretary General Koifi Annan viewing Holland's installation at the United Nations
exhibition "Regeneration: Rebuilding Torn Societies"

Major Hideo Hataya formally congratulates Holland as the first non-Asian artist in the Sakai City Municipal Art Collection